Women's Leadership Development

Making the best of all your valuable resources

Developing women isn’t just good for women, it’s good for the whole organisation. Organisations with a diverse workforce perform better and yet the ongoing challenges for women to successfully pursue career development and senior role opportunities is well known. 

This programme offers women and their employers the opportunity to develop a powerful asset in service of fulfilling individual and business goals.

Programme overview

The Women’s Development Programme brings together concepts, tools and techniques from the fields of management and leadership development, positive psychology, advanced communication skills and personal effectiveness. The programme enables and embeds deep learning through interactive face to face workshops and webinars, peer group work and individual coaching.


Participants work in a safe, supportive space so that they can explore, learn, grow and ultimately challenge themselves to tap into their fullest potential to become their best self in any given context.

  • Setting and working on a personal or professional goal throughout the programme

  • Learning and applying practical models and tools to help them progress towards goals

  • Learning and applying proven professional and personal development tools and techniques

  • Building supportive and enriching relationships with peers during full group sessions and in small buddy groups in between modules

  • Capturing learning through programme journaling

  • Deeper self-awareness and improved self-esteem

  • Identifying and tapping into strengths, skills, qualities and resources

  • Individual coaching alongside the programme activities

  • Tracking progress and growth across the duration of the programme

  • Celebrating success

  • Learning and taking forward invaluable knowledge and skills

This programme can be adapted and tailored to suit specific client requirements, however. The main areas of content include:

• Establishing goals

• Identifying strengths and values

• Exploring empowering and limiting beliefs

• Understanding helpful/unhelpful patterns and habits

• Confidence and assertiveness

• Presence and influence

• Advanced verbal and non-verbal communication and intelligence

• How personal style and preference helps or hinders

• Profile and Brand

• Politics and networking

"The content of the training with all relevant materials have been delivered in a very professional way to get the most of them. Tracy gets everyone involved and participating in the sessions in order to let them really experience that what she is saying actually works."

Women's leadership development participant

The programme is a blend of face-to-face workshops, virtual webinars, buddy and group work in between modules plus in-role application and personal assignments. Programmes typically run for between 3 and 12 months and the length, exact format and detailed content of each programme is designed specifically to suit your requirements.

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