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Teams produce results that individuals simply can’t, acting alone. Today, the workplace is a maze of nested teams: intact, cross-functional, project, virtual – and the pressure is on teams to perform and re-form at an astonishing rate.


Teams exist to produce results. Research shows that the most successful teams have the means in place to take action, and they build effective relationships to motivate and sustain action. The Team Diagnostic Assessment is built on these two fundamental axes: factors that optimise productivity and factors that promote positivity. Having the tools and materials is not enough to achieve outstanding results without a high level of positive engagement and a way to neutralise negativity.


The Team Diagnostic Assessment model defines seven separate productivity factors and seven positivity factors. The constellation of strengths provides a complete picture for high-performing teams.

Most current organisational and executive coaching interventions focus on assessing and coaching the team as a collection of individuals. In this traditional model, assessments are used to measure the characteristics and performance of individual team members. These individual assessments are then aggregated to form a team profile. The limitation of this approach is that the team is represented as discrete data points rather than the system as a whole. Team members view their results in a comparative fashion, looking to see how they do vis-à-vis the performance of other team members. This personal filter separates the individual team members from the system. The unique profile of the team as its own entity is lost. 


The Team Diagnostic model and assessment are based on the latest work in Emotional Intelligence, Appreciative Enquiry, Positive Psychology and change management. It also draws upon team research conducted at leading universities and systems theory.



  • A practical way to measure the “system” that is the team.

  • A comprehensive model that defines the strengths teams need in order to succeed.

  • Team Coaching that creates a new mindset: we take the focus off of the individual team member’s one-to-one relationships, and focus instead on the entity that is the team.

  • On-going structures and team coaching processes that take the team from where they are to where they need to be in order to produce sustainable excellence. 

the team coaching process


Phase 1: Discovery session: 
Define outcomes for team development

Phase 2: Undertake Team Diagnostic: 

Complete on-line assessment (approx. 20 minutes)

Generate reports

Phase 3: Team Work Session (1-2 days)

Deliver team report and team development off-site

Design next steps for on-going team development

Phase 4: Follow-up Team Coaching package: 

Regular team coaching sessions for 6+ months

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