Building a coaching culTURe

a coaching culTURE is a feature of an exceptional organisation

Few leaders invest enough time and energy on coaching for the many benefits to be realised, despite having been trained in coaching skills.

For any internal coach training to be really effective, it is important that a coaching culture is also developed and encouraged so that coaching as a leadership discipline is truly embedded within the organisation’s way of operating.

We can support you to develop a strategy which:

  • Provides all leaders with at least a basic understanding of coaching and coaching skills

  • Teaches employees how to get the best out of being coached

  • Provides in-depth coach training for internal coaches

  • Establishes an internal coaching resource pool

  • Incorporates a coaching quality assurance and measurement process

  • Integrates good coaching practice with performance review and recognition processes

  • Provides supervision and mentor coaching

  • Enables positive senior role modelling and commitment

  • Identifies and addresses barriers to success

coaching culture WORKSHOP OVERVIEW


We also offer introductory workshops to explore how you might build coaching culture which cover:

  • What is "Coaching Culture?"

  • The Growth of Coaching Culture

  • Benefits of Coaching Culture

  • Measuring the Benefits (ROI)

  • Coaching and the Strategic Plan

  • Values and Beliefs

  • Key Components of an Effective Coaching Culture

  • Roles and Accountabilities

  • Sustainability and Future Trends

Benefits of coaching culture


  • Improved and increased delegation

  • Enhanced motivation of self and others

  • Improved performance

  • Greater engagement

  • Stronger sense of purpose

  • Less fire-fighting

  • Retention of key talent

  • More time for the leader to focus on strategic activities

What the research says:

Organisations with strong coaching cultures value and invest in professional coach practitioners and managers and leaders who use coaching skills, encouraging them to support employees at all levels in order to grow their skills, enhance their value and reach their professional goals. (ICF/HCI 2015 study, Building a Coaching Culture for Increased Employee Engagement)

In this study of more than 300 organisations, it was found that:

  • The use of coaching in organisations has increased compared to a 2014 study. The use of external coach practitioners has grown the most, a 12 percentage point increase.

  • Organisations with strong coaching cultures continue to report higher employee engagement and stronger financial performance.

  • HR and L&D leaders are building coaching cultures in their organisations in order to address low employee engagement.

  • High-potential employees with access to coaching have the largest engagement increases compared to engagement measures taken in the prior year taken by the organisation.

I want to know more!

This in-house offering can be tailored and scheduled to meet your organisation's requirements.


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